Austin Flute Society

2021 Virtual Member's Recital
March 13th - 20th

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Luellyn Dollard - Nocturne by Georges Barrére  arr. by Luellyn Dollard   Written for C flute and two alto flutes


Colleen White, piccolo - "Dark Green" by Matthew Kennedy

Koidin Vieira Duo - "Choro em Chicago" by Julie Koidin

Julie Koidin, Flute

Ricardo Vieira, Guitar

Julie Kodin 808_2.jpeg

Sarah Jane Hargis - Wood by Sarah Jane Hargis

video production by Ashlynn Althaus  


Sheryl Goodnight  - Soliloquy, Op. 44  by Lowell Liebermann  

Allison Asthana  - Pray for Flute and Electronics (2010) - Allison Loggins-Hull

Texas State University Flute Quartet - Quatuor for Four Flutes by Pierre Max Dubois

 Luellyn Dollard - Dr. Who! by Ron Grainer arr. by Luellyn Dollard

Hilary Janysek - Winter Spirits for Solo Flute by Katherine Hoover

The Austin Flute Choir                                                                     Video Produced by Nathan Zamora

Little Fugue by J. S. Bach arr. by Anne McGinty 

Madrigal by Philippe Gaubert arr. by Ervin Monroe