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Workshop: "Rhythmic Rubrics" with Rhonda

Rhonda Larson

Recital Hall

Saturday, 2:45 PM

“Rhythmic Rubrics with Rhonda” is a very lively and untraditional Group Participation class. An engaging percussion background rhythm leads us as in various physical flute activities, including call-and-response phrase inventing, liberating us from the written page.

Workshop: "Rhythmic Rubrics" with Rhonda

Rhonda Larson is a Grammy Award-winning player of the flute, born and raised in the mountains of Montana. This Big Sky Country in the Wild West helped form her into a nature-loving, free spirited trail blazing artist. She entered the national music scene by winning first prize in the National Flute Association's Young Artist Competition at the age of 22, including a Carnegie Hall debut. Shortly thereafter, Rhonda was invited to join forces with the Paul Winter Consort, initiating her journey into a rich palette of music gleaned from around the world. Composing much of her own music, Larson’s visionary force showcases her gold flute and an array of ethnic flutes in a new and refreshing light. Rhonda has also expanded the sonic capabilities of her instrument with entirely new techniques, most notably her inventive flute-and-voice unison, performed simultaneously.

“My first priority is to artistic authenticity, hoping to better serve the odds of lifting people’s hearts---THAT is why I am a musician.”

Rhonda tours world-wide, and has a discography of over 20 commercial recordings, including two other solo recordings, Distant Mirrors, and Free as a Bird. As a sought-after teacher, she conducts masterclasses at universities, flute organizations, community outreach events, and individual instruction. She owns and operates her publishing company, Wood Nymph Music, producing her sheet music from graphic design to distribution.

Rhonda and her husband Dr. Lee J. deLisle live in Connecticut, and part-time at their home in the medieval village of Roccantica, Italy. When not playing the flute, Rhonda can be found out-doors.

You can learn more about Rhonda from her website at:

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