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Workshop: “The Power of Listening”

Adam Workman

Zoom or DMC

Friday, 7:00-7:30 PM

This interactive workshop highlights the powerful role that listening & observation have played in flutists' lives from the early days of the French Flute School through our continuously evolving practices today. In addition, participants will have the unique experience of hearing the same sections of select performances, drawn from a vast library of historical to recent recordings, played back-to-back.

Workshop: “The Power of Listening”

Adam Workman has been involved with flutemaking & repair beginning with his first flute lessons with flutemaker Jonathan Landell from the age of 14 through his flute performance degree at Boston University and subsequent employment at FluteFX and the Haynes Flute

Company all prior to starting Flutistry Boston in 2011. Now celebrating their 10th anniversary with a new Flutistry Florida location in Tampa.

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