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General Rules for the Completion of a Doctoral Dissertation Put Forward by the Higher Attestation Commission

A doctoral dissertation is a serious and voluminous work, which takes years and effort to complete. For many years of work based strictly on experiment, the writer has to collect a lot of facts, information, analyze them, and then adequately present them in his work.

Key principles for preparing a doctoral dissertation

Among the general parameters for the completion of a doctoral dissertation are quite varied. The study is conducted by the author alone and independently, without explicit and direct intervention of third parties or the curator. All results obtained during the experiment or research should be reflected in the project and emphasize the applicant's personal contribution to the development of science/industry and problem solving. To do this, it is enough to evaluate: what he did and why.

The result obtained must be different from previously similar research and results, so that it can be qualified as a scientific achievement. The work must contain elements of borrowing and citation with a reflection of primary sources, but their share is minimized. This approach allows us to demonstrate the weight of the facts and the scientific achievements of the researcher.

In a doctoral dissertation on an applied profile, it is important to note the application of the results obtained in practice, in the industry. If the dissertation is theoretically oriented, then the author should describe the possibilities of applying the final scientific conclusions. All significant intermediate results and scientific provisions should be reflected not only in the research, but also in the form of articles published in VAK-editions and peer-reviewed journals, scientific platforms.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the author of the doctoral dissertation will have to carry out serious and colossal independent work of an experimental plan, focused on solving a specific problem on a global scale. The entire evidence base should be described in the dissertation and presented in the form of published articles in VAK publications and peer-reviewed journals. All conclusions of the project are justified and significant, emphasizing scientific achievements and their effectiveness, opportunities for further use.

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