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Flute, Friends, and FUN!

“The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.” - Dean Ornish

Community is EVERYTHING!! We learn from a young age that our friends, family, colleagues, teachers, mentors all have an impact on us. The people around us shape how we view our lives, how we interact with the world! But, what if your community is stripped away, or you find yourself without?

As society begins to peek its head out of the Covid Era, we start to look around and see that life looks a lot different. I find myself building and re-building relationships around me now that I’m out in the world on a regular basis. I have come to realize that I crave community more than EVER! The Austin Flute Society could be a great GREAT place for community for you. AFS is comprised of professional and amateur flutists who just love to be around music and each other. We strive to serve our community and young flutists while filling the needs of adults and teachers around the Austin area who might be thirsty for connection.

How can the AFS connect with you?


-Are you a flute student in the area? (Middle school, high school, or collegiate?) We have some great offerings for you! In the spring we have competitions for all levels. Gain some wonderful insight from flute judges and the opportunity to earn some money!

-Flute Choir! The Austin Youth Flute Choir meets in the spring for high school students and advanced 8th graders. Come join flutists around the area to play some fun pieces together. (You might even get to meet other members of the flute family: alto, bass, piccolo - OH MY!)

-All-State: Need help? We have a workshop for that! Come perform or learn from others on how to master this year’s All-State audition material.


-Are you a flute teacher or band director in the area? AFS offers several masterclasses throughout the year. We bring in master teachers and we have the benefit of having some classes online.

-Looking for more students? Teacher members get to advertise their studio info on our website. You can gain so much web traffic for potential new students and their families!

-Use our classes to broaden your students’ outreach and performing potential.


-Are you looking for a place to play your flute more and connect with other flute friends? Come join us for the AFS Adult Flute Choir. The flute choir meets throughout the year and performs regularly around our community.

-Join us for monthly meetings to further the reach of our organization.

-We are working to add more social activities, so be on the lookout for that as well!

Our biggest event of the year is our Flute Festival that happens in the spring. Each year we bring in a fabulous flutist to enrich our community. This year we are excited to welcome Christina Jennings to Austin!

Of course, outside of all these amazing events is the community we create together. Some of my flute friendships will stay with me for a lifetime, and for that, I will forever be grateful!

Community is ESSENTIAL for us thriving humans! Let’s create some community together!

<3 Becca Poole, Treasurer/Membership/Austin Youth Flute Choir Director

Upcoming Events:

-October 8: AFS Meeting

-October 9: TMEA All-State Etude Workshop

-November 12: Beyond the Basics of Baroque: A Masterclass with Laura Rónai

-January 28: Improvisation Workshop with Daniel Pardo

-March 24-25: AFS Flute Festival with Christina Jennings

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