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Workshop: Body Mapping for Flutists

Spencer Hartman


Friday 8:00 - 8:40

This workshop will introduce Body Mapping to flutists. Over 75% of working musicians are performing through pain and injury. Body Mapping is the process of intellectualizing your anatomical structures in order to encourage efficient and organic movement while reducing muscular work and combatting repetitive stress injuries. Body Mapping fundamentals will be introduced by assessing common mis-mappings I have seen in many of my students. This workshop will help the performing flutist find easy uprightness and will assist the teaching flutist with addressing movement issues in their students. While most people seek out somatic practices like Body Mapping for pain and injury, many gain greater dexterity through the refinement and coordination of movement.

Body Mapping has the potential to change the quality of life and save musical careers. In my experience as a Licensed Body Mapping Educator, I have worked with musicians in all instruments coordinate their movement and have heard firsthand the profound impact on the quality of the sound and overall comfort of the musician. By learning anatomical concepts and allowing the body to move in the way in which it is designed, musicians of all kinds can find joy and ease in their music making.

Workshop:  Body Mapping for Flutists

Dr. Spencer Hartman currently serves as Lecturer of Flute at Texas Tech University and Eastern New Mexico University and performs regularly with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and the Lubbock Chamber Orchestra. Dr. Hartman is a Licensed Body Mapping Educator through the Association for Body Mapping Education. Spencer has earned degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and Texas Tech University.

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